I wasn't sure of the repair

My portable a/c all of a abrupt stopped fully working.

I do not know why or how this could have happened because I have not used it too much.

Also the fact that it was working good just the other afternoon when I used it makes absolutely no sense to me. I had thought about taking it somewhere to have it repaired. But really at the end of the afternoon with the portable a/c it would not be worth the cost of the repairs… For just a few bucks more I can go ahead and just buy a brand modern portable a/c just the same. So this is what I did exactly. I ended up going to the store where they had them on sale for a little less than half off the official listed price. And I bought a brand modern and modern portable a/c unit. The modern portable a/c that I bought entirely works better than original portable a/c I had that just broke on me. So I think maybe this was an omen and for the best that the old portable a/c broke down on me out of nowhere. Because this modern portable a/c is much more powerful than the older one I had that just had broken down on me. And in turn, this modern portable a/c is and has given me much better indoor comfort in my home office. I like it a lot.

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