Customer service is important for HVAC technicians

It’s very important for HVAC technicians to be formally trained in technical aspects of heating and cooling.

There is no doubt that HVAC technicians need to be proficient in the hands on part of their job.

They must know how to install heating and cooling, fix common heating and cooling problems, check to see if heating and cooling are up to code, install and fix refrigeration systems, reset thermostats, troubleshoot equipment, and more. HVAC technicians must also know the proper protective equipment to wear and how to dispose of chemical agents. HVAC technicians must be aware of how to handle extreme heat and cold on the job. All of these are requirements for HVAC technicians to properly do their job, however what is also necessary is customer service. HVAC technicians need to make sure their customer service skills are exemplary because they go into people’s homes to fix their heating and cooling. Most times, people will be irritated because they are uncomfortable due to their heating or cooling not working. HVAC technicians must recognize this isn’t personal and that people are just feeling overheated or super cold when they go to their home. Also, they must remember that they are representing their company so the way they interact with customers is meaningful. For example, if an older woman is having issues with her cooling during the hot and humid summer, she probably won’t be in a cheery mood when the HVAC technician arrives at her house. She will most likely be hoping he/she can fix the problem right away because she is older and overheated. It’s part of the HVAC technicians job to be polite, listen to the customer’s needs and to have a positive attitude.


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