Our ductless HVAC system finally arrived.

Two weeks ago, we ordered a mini split ductless HVAC system for our home.

For two years my husband had been talking about the ductless HVAC system, but I wasn’t sure he would truly come through and buy one.

He was squirreling money away for two years, and he finally ordered it. I was excited that it was going to be delivered at the end of the week, because I wanted to see if it would make a difference in our house. Our traditional HVAC system was getting older and our energy bills were through the roof. The ductwork was throwing more dust into the air, than heat or air conditioning. With the boxes sitting in the living room, I was looking at my husband and him at me. We didn’t know if we were supposed to wait for someone to open the boxes, or if we should. There were no instructions from the HVAC company. I called the HVAC company and told them the mini split HVAC system had arrived. They told us to let it sit, and someone would be at the house on Saturday to do the installation. I didn’t know if either my husband or I had the patience to wait, but we didn’t want to break anything, either. We moved the boxes to the dining room where they would be out of sight, and almost out of mind. Two days later, the HVAC technician arrived. Not only would we get to see what the mini split looked like, but we were going to experience how well it worked.
Air conditioning worker