At last I am a qualified heating, ventilation, and A/C repair expert

Moving to a new career takes courage, especially at a certain age.

I worked in the hospitality industry for numerous years.

In fact, I began waitressing while still in high school, and knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. Things were amazing, and I was working for a top diner in the city. However, the pandemic was an eye opening time, and I saw the fragility of this industry. When things are tough, diners, hotels, and travel are the first to suffer. I wanted an industry with more stability, and began to do my research. I did manage to get some writing gigs for remote jobs during quarantine and this is when I was first introduced to the heating, ventilation, and A/C industry. Through the various articles I was writing, I began to research more about heating and cooling, and working as an actual heating, ventilation, and A/C repair expert. Then, one time I had a conversation with an actual heating, ventilation, and A/C expert about his job. He’d come to my house in 2021 to do cooling repair after a year of not doing any due to the spine-chilling conditions. While he finally helped ensure my cooling system was in the best condition, he talked to me about his job, where he went to school, and how it has been for him. Then, after he left, I checked out the school, and by the end of the week I was enrolled. My dad had to pay half the costs, and I catered for the rest. I still had my heating, ventilation, and A/C writing gig, and also got my hours back at the diner, however I knew this time I wasn’t staying for long. It’s been two challenging years however I can finally say I am a qualified heating, ventilation, and A/C repair expert, and the future is bright.


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