Felicity got the wrong air filters from the online heating, ventilation, and A/C store

Felicity was also having a hard time changing to her life residing in a cabin, but she knew this was what she wanted to do with her life, however this didn’t mean that the adjustment was easy.

Since she was also a little girl, Felicity was a neighborhood girl.

She loved the lights and fabulousness of residing in the greatest neighborhood in the world. Her folks both worked in the finance world, and they owned another home in an amazing building. The only time Felicity saw nature and the woods was when once in a while they went camping. Otherwise, her views were skyscrapers, cars and people rushing by. When she was 30, Felicity lost her dad, and she felt removed from the city. So, she finally sought solace in nature, and found this home for sale not too far away. Without telling anyone or listening to advice, she purchased 10 acres of land, sold her neighborhood apartment, and moved there. Her job was remote, so there was no issue with her residing far from the city. It took time for Felicity to adjust to residing in isolation, however it was also helping heal her soul. One time she was having an issue with her cooling system in her new cabin. The cooling system was blowing sizzling air into her home which made her quite uncomfortable. She did some research and opted to order some air filters. However, she had ordered the wrong size and felt quite frustrated with herself. Still, she was determined to make this work even if she had to order another box of air filters for her cooling system.


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