Nearly got scammed at the HVAC business

And all my years is going to different heating and air conditioning businesses for my HVAC needs and services I’ve never had it where I’ve almost gotten scammed before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything because last week when I went to pick up an air filter from my known and trusted heating and AC provider I saw that they were all out of air filters and I was out of luck.

  • I was disappointed but I didn’t think too much of it and just figured that I could just buy some online.

After all you can buy pretty much anything online nowadays then with any luck I’d be able to get it here even faster, and I wouldn’t have to make a trip to go and get it. So I started looking at different heating and AC businesses online. Several of the HVAC companies had the air filter that I was looking for, however they were asking more than what I was wanting to pay and so I decided to look some more. Eventually after searching for about an hour I found a heating and AC company that was offering the air filter I was running for half the price as all the other HVAC businesses. I know I should have been suspicious but I wasn’t and I decided to buy it from them anyways. The next day I wanted to see if my order had shipped and I went to the website that I had bought the air filter from only to see that it was not there anymore! The place was a complete scam and they took my money and ran. I was so frustrated, I understood I just meant to stay out and bought the air filter from a trusted heating and AC company. I’ll have to wait in a few days for it to get here but at least I know I’ll get it.

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