The seasoned heating and AC wasn’t going to make it

Carol has been in this rental apartment since mid September.

This was the designated landing spot once she finally got out of the lake house she had spent the past 35 years in.

Well, not quite 35 years but close to that. Still, just the fact that the original Heating and A/C device went 26 years without failing was amazing. Carol enjoyed that lake house and it was tough to walk away from. But the fact that it was just too much lake house without the young ones residing there. And the vastness of that empty lake house just drove home the fact that it was time for Carol to turn the page. When you’re a parent for so long, it’s difficult to flip over to a focus on just your life. So when Carol knew that it was time to give up the family home. Funny enough, it was the Heating and A/C unit that pushed that move forward. Carol got to know that the old Heating and A/C unit was not going to make it much longer. So, she took that as a signal to do other changes as well. And she opted to go with the latest in residential Heating and A/C and Heating and A/C technology on the advice of her real estate agent. It sure made the difference and Carol made lots of money on that house. But residing in this rental has given her motivation to own her own Heating and A/C unit again. The heating and cooling unit in this place is old and average. That would be one thing if it got service from a Heating and A/C expert. That doesn’t happen so the heating and cooling where she is now residing is terrible.
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