I am the grunt in the HVAC company

I absolutely hate working for the HVAC company that I am working for. I am new to the HVAC company. I just graduated, and I accepted an offer from an HVAC company in my town. This HVAC company pays for your training if you work for the HVAC company for the first year, and since I was not interested in paying for my own training and taking out a bunch of student loans, I decided to take the HVAC company up on their offer. However, I realized why they do this. For the first year of working for the HVAC company, we do not get paid good wages. Also, most people do not stay for the first year because the HVAC company works us like dogs. I am the lowest HVAC worker on the totem pole, and I have to do all of the grunt work for the HVAC technician that I am paired with. I spent a ton of time crawling through mud and water, and I got very dirty. The labor that I do for the HVAC technician is very difficult and overwhelming. Also, the HVAC technician treats me badly. To the HVAC technicians, we are worse than second-class citizens. I want to finish out the first year so that I can begin my training as an HVAC technician, but I almost think that it might be easier to just pay for the trade school to become an HVAC technician right now. No amount of free HVAC training is worth being abused. What do you guys think that I should do?
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