What do you think that I should do about my HVAC unit

I have no idea what I am going to do with my HVAC unit right now.

That is why I am talking to you at this point.

I want to know what your opinion is about my HVAC unit so that after I explain all of the details, you can give me your advice as to what I should do about my HVAC unit. I never expected my central air conditioner to stop working at this point. I have had my central air conditioner for nearly ten years, but according to the HVAC technician that sold me the central air conditioner, the HVAC unit was supposed to last at least five more years. IN fact, outside of the normal small repairs and the HVAC inspections that I have been having, I haven’t had to deal with any major HVAC problems. That is why I was very surprised when the central air conditioner stopped working for absolutely no reason. I called the HVAC technician, expecting that I would find that I needed my first major HVAC repair. Instead, the HVAC technician told me that something must have happened to the electrical components of my HVAC unit. Now, I would have to replace my entire central air conditioner, and I had no idea why. However, I cannot afford to replace my air conditioner right now, which is why I am very nervous. I might have to last a long time without my central air conditioner. Should I take out a loan and get a new air conditioner? Should I drain my savings for a new air conditioner? Should I save a ton of money and try to live without an air conditioner? What is your opinion on this situation?

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