The HVAC technician fell into a beehive.

I had the exterminator to my house on the same day the HVAC technician was supposed to arrive.

My husband and I had seen some bees in the house, and we wanted to get rid of them. We killed two in the morning, but I had them all over the windowsill. The exterminator showed up, but he couldn’t find any nests. I told him I opened the basement door, and several of them swarmed into the house. He went into the basement, and he found a hive of honeybees in the cinderblocks that made up the wall to the furnace room. He told me he would need to get some additional equipment if he wanted to excise the bees and take them alive. I hated the idea of him killing honeybees, and when he said he would remove them and take them to a honey farm, I was happy. He was only gone five minutes when the HVAC technician arrived. I told him the exterminator would be right back, and that we had bees in the basement. He told me he was allergic to bees, and he would be careful. I told him where the furnace was and asked if he didn’t want to wait until the exterminator was done. He could go to his next HVAC job and come back when he was done. He laughed and said he was fine. Five minutes later, I heard the HVAC yelling. I called an ambulance even before I went downstairs. I knew the bees had found him. As he was being taken away in the ambulance, I called the HVAC company to tell them what happened. I didn’t want to be blamed because the HVAC technician didn’t listen to me.


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