My HVAC makes a nice sound

A train just blasted its horn, or whistle, and it reminds me of being a kid at my gramps lake house a long time ago. This train is just passing by now and I can hear the sound of it on the tracks, which tells me that it is pretty close to the house where I am staying. It is kind of country here and the train just adds to that feeling as it chugs on by in the distance. I’m sitting in a big backyard writing these articles and it is very relaxing here. The HVAC system is purring in the background and it adds a white noise that drowns out most of the sounds of the nearby local businesses. The train is still blasting its horn and it is really close behind me but I can’t see it through all of the trees. I’m going to the cooling and heating supplier later to look and see what kind of new HVAC technology they got in the store, as it is now the end of the year and they usually make way for all of the new HVAC devices on the market. They will probably have some sales on the older equipment in the store and maybe I will see what they have at a good discount. I would like to get a small air purifier for my room here so I can’t hear my loud niece when she gets up in the morning. She likes to yell everything at her grandmother for some reason, which I must admit is a bit annoying.

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