Web building should be called website magic.

I knew my website ‘sucked’, as my son called it, then i would not give my website a third glance if I wasn’t the a single who had created it, however my wifey told me it was the dumbest website she had ever seen, and I needed to talk to a web building supplier.

I thought she was drastic with her assessment, however I needed the truth.

I needed a website that would put some life into my Heating & A/C supplier and not help it die and bury it. I went online and searched for a web development supplier that worked with Heating & A/C supplier. I called the first a single that showed up in the search. It was a local supplier, and they worked with Heating & A/C companies and other orange collar companies… He asked for the website address, and I provided it to him. He told me he would call back in about an hour. I was impatiently waiting with the cellphone in hand! Whenever a number popped up that I didn’t recognize, I answered. After the tenth scam call, I finally heard the voice of the online Heating & A/C website developer. He asked if I wanted him to build a website or do an overhaul. He said it would be easier and cheaper to beginning from the beginning. He texted a long list of questions he wanted answered before starting. He wanted personal information about me and the Heating & A/C supplier. He wanted to believe all of our qualification and any specialized certifications every one of us had. I answered every question and waited almost a month before hearing from him! The current website amazed me, and I wished I had called an online website development supplier a year ago.