My home wasn’t heating up officially

It was a ductwork problem.

I didn’t guess there was anything wrong with my home, until someone literally came into my home plus asked why it was so chilly in here. At first, I was a bit confused, because I knew I had turned my heating unit on. Sure enough, I checked on the heating plus a/c unit, plus the heating component was on. However, now that my neighbor mentioned it, they were right, despite my heating unit being on, it was still fairly chilly in there… My neighbor didn’t stay long, plus that was nice with me because now I wanted to get this Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C issue resolved. I called the air conditioning company that specializes in heating repair, plus busy an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. When the afternoon came, plus the air conditioning specialist arrived, I made him aware of the issue, plus she decided to take a look at my ductwork. It was a ductwork problem. The ductwork had numerous different holes in it, plus that was causing all of the heated air to escape outside. I was blissful that at least that was an self-explanatory fix, unlike a central gas furnace problem. So, I paid for duct sealing, plus the a/c tech was able to do the ductwork sealing in the same day… Ever since then, I have not had a problem, plus none of my friends comment on my home being chilly anymore. Such a self-explanatory repair, plus it was cheap too… Definitely worth it if it means having my home warm plus comfortable again.

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