Nobody sees me as a professional.

Nobody takes myself and others seriously when I showed up at their door.

I work as a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer rep, but I was over 3’ 10” tall.

I was more of a novelty to almost everyone and more than 2 seemed to think I was a child prodigy, then just once, I wanted someone to see myself and others as an actual Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and not as a circus freak. One person asked if our mommy and daddy knew I was out alone, and I shook our head and asked where the furnace was lolcated. She didn’t even want to let myself and others in the house. I had to call my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company and have them tell her I was 1 of their dealer reps and I was okay to be allowed in. I was embarrassed and angry, and I didn’t want to fix her furnace. If our boss hadn’t told myself and others it was our job, I would have left and allowed someone else repair the furnace for me; Last week, I had our spouse with myself and others when I got a message from a customer. She needed myself and others to help her with her smart thermostat. It was cold outside and I asked if it would be okay for our spouse to go in the cabin along with me. My boss didn’t mind if the homeowner didn’t mind. An hour later, I was at the cabin and replacing the thermostat. My spouse was talking to the owner’s spouse when the spouse tapped myself and others on the shoulder. He asked how someone like myself and others got a looker like this to marry me? He laughed and said he would have given his left leg if his spouse were that sexy. I felt sorry for his spouse.

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