Dual air conditioning in cars helps couples with different temperature preferences

In most standard vehicles, the temperature of the air conditioning will be the same throughout the entire vehicle.

The only customizable part of temperature in vehicles is being able to open and close air vents.

It is unlikely that four or five humans in one car will feel comfortable at the same exact temperature, whether that is heat or cold. Many newer and luxury cars have dual air conditioning. Dual air conditioning allows individuals in the front seats to choose the temperature that feels best for them. This is very beneficial to couples because there is a chance that both partners will not feel comfortable at the same exact temperature. Oftentimes couples get into arguments because one is hot and one is cold. For example, my friend’s parents would always fight about the temperature in the car. My friend’s mother has anemia so she always runs cold. Her father is a very large human who constantly sweats. It makes sense that my friend’s mother wants the heat on in the car at all times, and my friend’s father wants the air conditioning on at all times. The solution to their constant arguments about the temperature of the car was to purchase a new vehicle with dual temperature control. My friend’s mother and father stopped fighting as much when they were able to control their own temperatures. When my friend told me about her parents and their disagreements, I thought about purchasing a car with dual air conditioning so my husband and I can set our own temperatures. Luckily many new cars come with dual air conditioning so it will not be hard to find one.

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