Wasn’t too thrilled about the rain coming through

When I was back in school, I was on the cross-country running team. I enjoyed being outdoors plus in nature. I really appreciated running in the woods plus I enjoyed the smell of the trees. I was one of the quickest boys on the team plus acquired a scholarship to one of the state schools. I’m in my second year of school plus I have a pretty amazing group of friends, and most of us are on the cross-country running team. On the weekends, we like to go hiking in the mountains. There are a good amount of mountainous areas near the school plus many of the areas have trails for beginners plus advanced hikers alike. My good pals plus I usually take the advanced hiking trail, and we don’t mind a challenge. Just the other weekend we opted to go hiking along the ridge. We took that 8 mile hike all the way to the summit. It was an overheated plus humid day. Hiking along the ridge was not so bad until the rain started. There was no rain in the forecast plus it completely caught the group of us by surprise. It grew cold genuinely suddenly at the top of the mountain. The hike back down to the parking lot was somewhat sketchy, because it was muddy plus slippery everywhere. My good pals plus I were soaked plus wet when we got into the car. Even though it was honestly sizzling outside, we decided to turn on the heater. We were all a bit cold after getting wet plus the heating machine helped dry our clothes plus totally warm us up. We were actually hoping the rain would eventually subside, but it continued for an hour. Eventually, we thought it was best to leave.



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