On The Hunt for Some Marjoram in Town

This is one spice that I can’t seem to locate in town here.

  • I just went on a wild goose chase yesterday all over town in search of sage.

I need these ingredients for my sausages I am making today. The local business where I bought the sage has never even heard of marjoram. I guess it isn’t very common in this area but I have to find it to make these sausages. My heating and cooling rep gave me the recipe so maybe she has some marjoram I can use. I only need a quarter of a teaspoon so it is very little. I will go by the heating corp today to see if she is working and also drop by the supermarket to grab some brown sugar, which is something I normally never use but I just need one tablespoon to make two pounds of sausage. I just don’t want to end up eating the brown sugar one day when I have a sugar attack. The HVAC specialist I work with got me on the zero sugar diet years ago and it has really improved my joints to the point I no longer need to take any pain meds. I used to have to take them every single day and I knew that they weren’t good for me but the pain was just too unbearable. I was having trouble doing my HVAC equipment service job because my shoulders were in such pain. Now I am much better and also have my cold water therapy to thank. Life is good again.


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