We actually saved a life while on an HVAC call

Last month was such a lengthy month for the entire business and me.

Being in the cooling industry, we basically always meet and deal with irate shoppers.

We actually have a cooling machine training program to help us keep our cool when interacting with extremely hard shoppers. Just this last week, this skill was tested big time. Every one of us had started the actual day early with an air conditioner machine upgrade at a school near the office. Every one of us then decided to head on down to the suburbs for air conditioner machine repairs. When we arrived at the residence, we found a group of youngsters left at the residence alone. I assumed their parents were away at work or something! They welcomed us in, and I could tell everything about the low-quality indoor comfort. Every one of us announced that we were there to assist with indoor comfort following an appointment placed by who we believed was their mom. The youngsters were having a wonderful time with their good pals. One of them came up to us and started asking questions about Heating and A/C machines and wanting to know more about air conditioner machines. Their cooling device was a mini split air conditioner that happened to be malfunctioning because of a disfigured condenser. As the other cooling representatives worked on replacing the filters, we heard a fairly noisy bang from the games room. Every one of us rushed to see whether we could help and found that the little kid had bumped into one of the splits of the quality air conditioner machine and had a deep cut on his head. It sure is a good thing that we had acquired first aid training from the cooling machine corporation. Every one of us were able to supply him with first aid as we were waiting for the ambulance to get there. There was so much blood, and the other youngsters actually began panicking. The health workers later confirmed that the first aid from the cooling machine techs did help the young boy. The next afternoon, we were trending on social media as the team of cooling machine specialists that saved that little kid’s life.

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