What a perfect day looks like

I believe that everybody has their own idea of what a perfect day looks like but let me explain to you what my idea of a perfect day is.

I have always been an outdoors person so for me a perfect day is being able to be outdoors, with a good meal and enjoying some good sunshine.

Recently, I have been staying in my house a lot. Even though summer is one of my favorite months even for me it has been too hot to go outside. This is because of how hot the weather has been. It has been scorching out there and it doesn’t seem like there is anybody that can go outside right now without risking cooking in the sun. So it was a big relief when the weather finally cooled down a bit so I could get back outdoors. I love my air conditioner and all, and I’m thankful to have it but I was tired of being inside stuck in the air conditioning when I could be outside enjoying the sun. I’d love to sit outside in the sun, with a bowl of fruit on my lap, sunglasses on my face, and just enjoy the warm weather. The weather needs to be cool enough to where it isn’t too hot, but warm enough to where it isn’t too cold. I feel like there are very few days that come in a lifetime that are truly what I would consider to be perfect days. Where you have good food, good weather, and are just having a good time in general. For days when the weather isn’t good, I always have my heating and air conditioning system and it never lets me down.

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