My little sister thought our oil gas furnace was haunted

My sister has regularly had a wild imagination.

She could entertain herself for afternoons & afternoons on a singular fantasy or plan that she fabricated.

It was entirely quite fun to see what she would come up with periodically. Sometimes her imagination got a little out of control though. She has basically been reuseing for afternoons because she fully convinced herself that our oil gas furnace down in the basement was haunted by the ghost of an evil demon. I believe our oil gas furnace is just getting old so it’s starting to make some weird noises down in the basement, & occasionally both of us can hear these roars from within the walls of the home. My sister had watched a horror mystery movie the night before & when the oil gas furnace started to make noises, she immediately wanted to play detective & head to the basement to figure out what was going on. She tiptoed downstairs & peaked her head around the corner to see the oil gas furnace laying in the corner. She waited a few minutes for the heating system to kick in again & the gas furnace shook so abruptly that she swore she could see a shadow transport right across it. She screamed at the top of her lungs & ran upstairs while yelling that the gas furnace was haunted. My dad had to go downstairs to investigate the situation for himself & show her that the old machine just needs to be updated. She still believes that she saw something she shouldn’t have, & I absolutely might believe her. Weird things happen in this house.

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