You’ll need a space heating system with window a/c units

I moved into a tiny home that has window a/c units, and they aren’t as poor as I thought they would be.

Even considering that I moved into the home while I was in the wicked heat of summer, the A/C has been keeping up with my needs for the most part.

I’m a little distraught about what it will be love when the Winter rolls around because window A/C units don’t have heating functions in them. I suppose I’m going to have to invest in a few space oil furnaces to keep it sizzling in my apartment. Luckily I live in the South so I suppose it won’t get overly cold, but the way global warming is coming along, I suppose I will need a heating system in every room just to feel comfortable. I’m also a little distraught about using space oil furnaces too often and potentially increasing my energy bill, or even experiencing an electrical problem from them being clogged in for too long. I suppose I will need to cross these bridges when the time comes. I’m trying my best not to overreact to situations that are so far into the future, and just doing what I can to appropriately respond to the situation at hand. There is no use in becoming distraught over future troubles that aren’t even present yet. Responding to situations as they come and preparing for expected situations as best as I am able are the only things that are within my control. Anything that happens outside of that is up to the universe to fix.

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