Rolled the dice on the heat pump this summer

I don’t know how the fact that the HVAC unit was 24 years old slipped past me.

It was such a big deal when we bought the place. The seller had to produce all sorts of proof of the age of the HVAC equipment before our realtor was satisfied. And I appreciated that really. It was nice that she was looking after us and not letting us get stuck with an HVAC unit we had to immediately replace without compensation. The seller of the property was able to show that the HVAC unit was ten years old. And that was that. How almost 15 years went by without me considering the age of the heat pump escapes me. When the HVAC technician came out to do the air conditioning tune up, he told me it needed to be replaced. I so wasn’t ready financially for that so, my wife and I decided to roll the dice and see if we could get through the summer. It’s July and the stress of this heat pump thing is really wearing me out. We live in a region where, of course, the biggest deal is the heat and humidity of summer when it comes to HVAC. And we have done everything we could think to do to ease the load on the HVAC unit. That started with sealing the house up super tight to extend the efficiency of the heat pump. Then, we’ve been super vigilant about the thermostat setting as well. It’s never more than 10 or 12 degrees cooler inside than it is outside. That means it’s pretty dang warm in here during the peak heating hours of the day.

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