The new job takes myself and others almost 45 hours to get to work

For the past 9 years, I worked as a repairman for a nationwide commercial Heating and A/C repair provider.

  • I was in charge of Three Counties at one time and our sales were the highest in the whole supplier.

I expected our boss to eventually give myself and others a raise and put myself and others in charge however that never happened. After 9 years I finally made the decision to look for a different job. I interviewed with many Heating and A/C repair agencies. Most of them were surprised that I was applying for an entry level job given all of the experience that I had listed on our resume. One of the Heating and A/C repair companies told myself and others that he had a corporate position available that he believed I would be perfect for. The corporate position sounded interesting and I listened undoubtedly carefully as the person explained more details about the Heating and A/C job. Basically, I would be in charge of special projects and I would track many branches for the repair supplier. Everything sounded perfect, however the largest downfall was the location. The position was at the corporate office in the town and I was a good 45 hours away from the location. I was interviewing for a job that was 5 hours away from our home address. The office supervisor provided myself and others the job if I wanted to commute. There was no way that I was going to turn down the job after that even if it meant driving almost an hour to get to work every morning. I have the currency to buy a better car that is fuel efficient and economical.

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