I was ready to to yell plus scream at the boy

My kid has been fighting with this kid at university. He had detention on Saturday plus Tuesday day. I talked to my kid about respected behavior at university. He told myself and others that the boy is a bully plus he was simply sticking up for himself plus a few other people in the cafeteria. I did not get exasperated with my son, although I told him that fighting is not the answer. I did not want to see him getting into any other trouble that had to do with this unique boy. I had a few tasks on Sunday plus a single of them was an Heating plus A/C unit installation. The ductless Heating plus A/C unit was the first task on schedule for me. I was with the customer when I gained a iphone call from the university. I had to send the first call to voicemail. After the customer left myself and others alone, I listened to the voicemail. The principal demanded that I come to the university to pick up my kid because he had been suspended from university for 3 mornings for fighting with the same boy. I was ready to yell plus scream at my kid. I was certainly unhappy that I had to leave the ductless Heating plus A/C insulation task to deal with his behavior concerns at university. When I arrived, I planned to supply my kid a piece of my mind. When I walked into the principal’s office, I saw my kid plus he had a black eye. I asked the principal how my kid was suspended for fighting when he had a black eye. Then he walked myself and others into his office where the other kid was sitting. He had multiple black eyeah plus a immense scrape down the side of his neck.