I gave up my window seat plus got stuck with no AC

I was sitting in the concourse waiting for my plane to arrive.

There were a lot of people waiting for the next flight plus I was part of a bunch of people that were sitting in seats by the window.

There was a mother plus a daughter sitting next to myself and others plus I could hear their conversation. The daughter was exasperated because she was not seated next to her mother. I overheard the mother talking about the seat numbers plus I was absolutely the person in the seat next to the mother. I gave to switch tickets with the little girl so she could sit next to her mother. I was trying to be kind plus helpful. I never thought about the fact that the little girl seat might have been in the middle. I gave up my window seat plus of course I got stuck with a seat right in the middle. There was an older lady sitting next to the window plus her partner was sitting in the aisle seat. They argued while I was in the whole 3-hour flight. There was no way for myself and others to transfer the A/C air vent above my head. I reached up plus turned it to the highest level so the air was moving freely plus hastily. I attempted to transfer the A/C air vent so it was facing my direction. It would only transfer so far plus the best I could do was to get the A/C to hit myself and others on the side of the face. A little bit of A/C was better than nothing plus it was the only bright light on that bad flight.



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