The surge protector kept tripping on plus off

When my friends plus I go camping while I was in the summer, I take my tent plus I stay outside.

My friends have an rv.

It’s small, although I could sleep indoors on the couch. I love to have some privacy, so I obtained a couple of years ago. It was incredibly hot plus humid plus certainly difficult to sleep outside in the heat. The following year I decided to buy a portable air conditioner for the 10th. My friends thought I was crazy, although I had the program in my mind plus I knew it was going to work. I vented the portable air conditioner out of the pocket of the tent. I kept the portable air conditioner running all day plus all evening. I kept the tent closed so I would not have to labor the program too hard. My friends thought I was crazy, however it worked certainly well. I had a much cooler space plus the part was all mine. The people I was with and I went back to the shore a couple of weeks ago plus I took my tent plus portable air conditioner. The people I was with and I were clogged into the power at the campground plus the surge protector kept tripping on plus off. I was trying to figure out why the surge protector kept tripping, because I wanted to run the air conditioner so I would be cooler plus more comfortable. I had to get a single of the campground attendants to look at the power box before both of us could figure out why the problem was happening. The ranger had to put a brand current 110 outlet in the power pole.


Heater technician