It is never fun to get in a fight with a loved a single

My girlfriend and I got into a giant fight on Tuesday night.

I told her that I would be home by midnight, but I lost track of time and I did not get home until after 1:00 a.m..

my girlfriend accused me of having an affair and I laughed in her face. I thought she was being utterly ridiculous, because she knew that I was with my friends. When she accused me of cheating, I could not help however laugh. She certainly didn’t take my laughter in a funny and joking way. She got even more agitated and the two of us began to argue. She brought up anything she could believe of to throw at me. She brought up stuff from our past and fights that were already resolved. I had enough of the fight when it was 4:00 a.m. I had a residential AC repair in the afternoon and I needed to get a couple of fourths of sleep. I told my girlfriend that I was going to go outside and sleep in my car. I hoped she would leave me alone so I could get some rest. She did not bother me the rest of the night, however she was not ecstatic that I decided to go to the AC repair instead of coming inside to talk about our relationship. When I came home from labor at the AC repair company, all of my things were outside in the garage and she had changed the locks. She didn’t even want to give me a option to explain, so there was no need for me to try to save any of the relationship that the two of us had.



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