Going to the river was fantastic idea on that tepid day

On mornings when the temperatures are seriously hot, I enjoy to go to the river.

The river offers a lot of fun activities.

There are locales to sit down and relax enjoy pavilions and benches. There are barbecue pits and even a couple of big spits as well. There are several strange locales to access the river and a couple of those areas have sandy beaches and a shallow section for the kids to play. When I have a day off on the weekend, I often take the kids to the river. I had some labor to complete on Friday and I was at home with the kids. I was toiling on the kindle, but I promised the kids that the two of us would go to the river when I was done with my work. They were being impatient, but I was toiling as fast as I could. Around 11:30, the power went out in the house. When the power went out, so did the air conditioning. I thought the power would come back on abruptly. It was not raining and there were no storms in the area. It was strange in the first locale when the power went out. I went online to check the website to see how long it was going to take to turn the power back on. That’s when I found out that the power was not scheduled to come back on until later that afternoon. Since there was no air conditioning and no power in the house, going to the river was the best thing the two of us could do. It didn’t make sense to sit at the loft roasting in the heat.


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