The air filters needed to be cleaned

My bedroom is on the other side of the house, far away from the area where the air conditioner is located.

The bedroom is never as cool as the rest of the house.

I got a thermostat one time and placed it in my bedroom and the place was six degrees warmer than the area by the thermostat. I bought a portable air conditioner to put in my bedroom. I have no windows at all in the room, so a window air conditioner was completely out of the question. When I spoke with the heating and AC professional, they recommended the portable AC instead of a ductless unit because of cost. The portable AC unit has three separate areas where there is a removable air filter that needs to be cleaned. I clean the air filter about once a month, unless I am running the air conditioner all of the time. I have several dogs and the dog hair can get into the machine if I don’t keep the air filters clean properly. Dog hair can cause a lot of problems to the system if it builds up over time. During the summer when I run the air conditioner every single day, I have to clean the air vents every other week. When I feel a decreased airflow in the machine, I know the time is right around the corner to clean it up and get rid of the dust and hair. The filter on the bottom of the machine is especially bad, because it is the one closest to the floor.


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