I slept outside all week because it was cooler

Last summer everyone in my family went camping for a week.

We rented a huge cabin with plenty of outdoor space for tents, canopies, fun and games, and a barbecue grill.

My cousin’s brought small pup tents and they were going to sleep outside. I planned to sleep inside where there was air conditioning. I was under the assumption that the place had air conditioning. When I started searching around the cabin, I quickly realized that there was no climate control at all inside of the home other than a couple of ceiling fans and one rotating circular fan in the living room. During the day, it was very hot and humid and quite uncomfortable inside of the house. During the night time hours, it was cooler outside than it was inside. I thought the kids were crazy for sleeping outside in a tent, but I quickly realized sleeping outside was going to be the most comfortable option for the week. My parents had an extra tent in the back of the car that we never use. I put the tent up around midnight on the first night and I never slept inside of the cabin even one night. I had a lot of fun sleeping outside and I could do anything that I wanted once my family went to sleep. I went down to the river a couple of nights so I could explore when the sun went down. My cousins wanted to come with me, but I knew it was too dangerous for me to take them out at night.
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