The swap meet dealer didn't know what he had

My wife gave me a hard time when I said I was going to buy the boiler.

My wife and I love going to yard sales, swap meets, and flea markets. You never know what you’re going to do fine. One time I found a $10 painting that was an original artwork. I bought the painting and took it home to research the painter further. I found out that the woman was one of the first ladies ever to paint landscapes in the state. The $5 painting turned out to be worth $5,000. I had some more luck a few months ago when my wife and I went to a swap meet. There was a young guy with a huge boost and he had lots of old machines. I could tell that the kid did not know what he had, because he had an older compact boiler and he had a very low price tag on the machine. I recognized the boiler right away, because I work in the heating and AC repair industry. The price tag for the old boiler was not much money. My wife gave me a hard time when I said I was going to buy the boiler. She didn’t want to love the machine back home. When I told her that I would be able to get 10 times what I paid for the boiler, she immediately changed her tune. She walked all the way out to the car and pulled into a space close to the swap meet so we could load the boiler into the car without many problems. The next day, I took the compact boiler to work and my boss offered to buy it for $2,500.

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