The outbreak ruined my chances of seeing the rock and roll band

My sister and I loved to listen to rock and roll music when we were kids.

We had a stereo system in our bedroom with two tape decks and a phonograph.

When we were younger, the stereo system was state-of-the-art. We could record songs off the radio and make duplicates of all of our tapes. I made a mix radio tape for a boyfriend one time and I still have that tape somewhere in all of my old boxes. My sister and I fell in love with a specific rock and roll band. The rock and roll band is still famous today. They are still making music 30 years later. My sister and I found out that they were going to have a concert close to the place where we live. My sister and I decided to buy tickets to go to the show. Unfortunately, the outbreak ruined all of our chances of seeing the rock and roll band. Our tickets were for a concert in April and the quarantine started in March. The concert was quickly canceled. My sister and I were both pretty bummed out about missing the concert, but we understood why it had to be canceled. There’s no way they can filter the air with 10,000 people in a room. The amount of covid virus in the air would likely cause everyone to get sick. The only places that were ever open for business during quarantine were places where the air could be filtered and air purifiers could be installed. A large concert venue certainly was not the type of place where the air could be cleaned. Air purifiers would not have helped us.


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