I went right from the locker room to the sauna.

Yesterday, I went to the local gym because I needed to exercise and get some focus.

My muscles worse so tight from stress, that instead of exercising, I headed to the locker room.

From the locker room, I went to the sauna. I just wanted to sit in their and feel the stress flow from my body. Once I got done with a sauna, I headed over to take a cool shower, and that was the last I remember. Someone told me I passed out in the shower, hit my head, and they brought me to the hospital in an ambulance. I was mortified to think that someone had found me naked in the shower. I knew very few people who went to the local gym, and for stranger to find my naked body in the locker room shower, and to have ambulance workers see my naked body in the locker room shower, had me doubly embarrassed. When the nurse came in, she commented on she was glad I was awake and asked how I was feeling. Apparently I had lost a lot of electrolytes while in the shower and they were replacing them intravenously. The doctor came in right behind her, and told me he was going to recommend I get some good nutritional counseling. He said it doesn’t hurt to put in a lot of hours when you enjoy your work, but you need to also take care of your body and eat properly along with exercising. I really didn’t want to be preached to that moment. All I wanted to do was go back to the local gym, get my clothes, and go back home.

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