They shut off the air conditioning in the gym.

I went to the local gym last week and I have never been so angry know my life.

It was 90° outside, and warmer than that inside the gym. I felt like I had stepped into a sauna. I asked someone what had happened to the air conditioning. They told me they had turned it off because someone had brought in an article saying it was healthier to exercise in the heat. Exercising in the heat allow the body to sweat out the toxins and excess facts. I told them that was one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. There wasn’t going to be air conditioning in the gym, I was going to call the local health department. The woman who ran the local gym, stopped me. I was almost out the door, when she touched my arm. I told her that this heat and humidity was not helpful for anyone. They had elderly people coming there, and young children there. It wasn’t just the people my age who came to the local gym, but my grandparents exercised there. I would not want my granny and or pap pap to go to the local gym knowing that they couldn’t even provide proper conditions for them. I know they want their for nutritional counseling, and for other programs that the local gym offered. I told her this was unhealthy conditions, and if she had any concern for the people that were coming to this local gym, they would repair the air conditioning, instead of telling people was turned off to help them lose fat.

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