I met a plumber at my local hardware store

Last week, I was at a major hardware store because I needed to get a current family room faucet for my home! While I was at the store, a nice gentleman approached me as well as asked if I needed help, but perhaps he sensed that I was love a fish out of water because I seriously looked lost; I don’t enjoy hardware stores because I can never find what I need without asking for help, however and usually, I end up spending more time inside the store than I care to. Anyway, the gentleman was able to help me with what I needed, however every one of us were able to pick out the exact fixture that I liked, as well as it was within my budget, however the gentleman then asked me who would be installing the fixture for me. And to be honest, I planned on calling a handyman to do the replacement. It would’ve been the best pick for me at the time. Well, to my surprise, the gentleman was a plumber as well as he offered to install the family room faucet for me. I have never used a plumber, so I wasn’t sure if the rates would be within the budget I set for this project. Well, after a brief conversation with the plumber, I agreed to hire him for the task. He agreed to perform the replacement more than one days later. I was enthusiastic about that because it gave me a chance to look him up on the internet, as well as I was thrilled when I saw that this plumber had amazing ratings, however not only did I use him to install my family room faucet, but I have also hired him to install my current bathtub next month.



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