I prefer fireplaces to central heat in the winter

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I would rather use our fireplace in the Wintertide to stay warm than central heat.

I do have the privilege of living in an section where the winters are mild enough that I can get away with this. Sometimes it will get certainly freezing here, however that usually does not last long. Last winter, all of us had a freezing week where all of us had to turn the central heat on and turn the fireplace on at the same time. I remember kneeling by the fireplace, with a blanket and several layers on. That was a rare occasion. Typically it gets freezing here, however not so freezing that you need the central heat to live. I prefer the fireplace to central heat for many reasons. There is something so fantastic about kneeling by the fireplace and feeling the natural heat on your skin. I appreciate to watch the attractive red colors of the fireplace and hear the crackling sounds of wood burning. Sitting by the fireplace is a fantastic experience for me. I do not mind the central heat, however the first time all of us run it there is constantly a distinct smell that I do not love. I appreciate the smell of a natural fireplace. I also love the fact that you can save money on your electric bill when you use a fireplace instead of central heat. I prefer the cozy element of using a fireplace, the smell, the sights, the feel of the warmth on our skin. This opinion is unpopular because many people say that a fireplace is too much work. You have to get the right genre of wood to burn and feel exactly what you’re doing so no one gets hurt.

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