Without air conditioning in the summer, mold can thrive

When I was completing our graduate degree in public health, one of our group assignments was to research odd types of mold and its effects.

This sounds appreciate a terribly boring topic, and to be fair it was.

Even though it was boring, this information was useful to me. When I first moved to the southeastern region of the country, I moved into a small however affordable apartment. My rent was cheap, however with that came some problems. There was no one living in the condo for weeks prior to our arrival, so the air conditioning was not running at all, but due to the humid climate, there was mold build up in our condo that I was unaware of. I developed an intense cough, and finally figured out what the culprit was. Mold is a fungal growth that honestly loves a damp environment. If you live in a humid area,that creates moisture in your modern home automatically. Moisture in your modern home becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause health concerns appreciate coughing, watery eyeah, difficulty breathing, and more. Do not panic if you also live in the southeastern region of the country. As long as you get routine maintenance done on your air conditioner unit, wipe your air conditioner filters, and run your air conditioner in the most hot and humid weeks you will help prevent mold from growing in your home. Air conditioning detachs moisture from the air, and that is what mold loves. If you detach the moisture with air conditioner, the mold will have nowhere to grow.

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