Grateful for air conditioner when I was sick

I am several months pregnant plus I am hastily learning that pregnancy lowers your immune system.

I am dealing with a exhausting cold that does not seem to want to go away.

Before this cold, I have not been sick in years. When you are pregnant, your immune plan is weaker because the baby is being protected in your uterus. When I first started feeling sick, I thought to myself that the Summer is the worst time to have a cold. It also does not help that it has been harshly tepid plus humid where I live. I am super grateful for air conditioner because when I had a fever plus was burning up it kept myself and others cool. I am also grateful for air conditioner because soup plus tepid Starbucks Coffee have been the only things soothing our miserable throat. No 1 wants to drink tepid Starbucks Coffee or eat tepid soup when it is tepid plus humid outside, and luckily, I turned our control component down so I felt cold enough to sip our Starbucks Coffee plus eat our soup under a blanket. I went to the doctor Last year because I wanted to make sure I did not have a more drastic infection than a familiar cold, stepping out into the humid, tepid air while being sick plus pregnant was a up-to-date level of discomfort that I do not want to experience again. The doctor’s office had air conditioner of course, although I still felt warm. When the doctor took our temperature, she noticed it was high but she waited for myself and others to cool down because she knew how tepid it was outside. She took our temperature again after I had some time to cool down in the air conditioner.



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