Company complained about our control component temperature

My partner plus I recently had family visit from the northeastern region of the country! We live in the southeastern region of the country.

We have been experiencing 1 of the hottest, most humid summers in history.

We warned our family about the heat, however they insisted on coming to stay with us for five afternoons! Five afternoons may not seem appreciate a lot of time, however our partner plus I are used to peace plus quiet in our home… There were several children who were honestly rambunctious, plus the adults complained about the temperature of our control unit. We have a smart control component that works really well to keep our home cool, despite the tepid temperatures. The smart control component usually keeps our house at 71 during the day plus at evening time around 69-74 degrees… My cousin was complaining that she had to adjust to the temperature of the home because it was way too tepid for her. I was surprised because I thought that 71 degrees is entirely a cool temperature. I asked her what temperature they set their control component to, plus she said they correctly keep it at 71 degrees in the summer. I told her that there is no way all of us could afford to keep our control component at 71 degrees; Our electric bill is already quite high keeping the control component at 71 degrees. My cousin asked if all of us could turn the control component down during the day to make it colder. I turned it down to 74 degrees, although I refused to turn it all the way down to 71 degrees. I understand wanting to accommodate your guests, however they also chose to come to the southeastern region of the country during the hottest time.


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