Studies show that central air conditioning prevents heat related illness

I recently read a study about heat related illness.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can both have detrimental health effects and can even lead to death. Head related illnesses are caused by extreme heat and humidity. They can happen both indoors and outdoors. Many people do not realize that heat related illnesses can happen indoors because they assume that everyone has access to air conditioning. Unfortunately this is not the case, and all air conditioners do not prevent heat related illnesses in the same way. I live in an area where the summers are so hot and humid, that there are often air quality warnings. If someone is indoors and they do not have air conditioning at all, chances are the temperature of their home can go up to 100 degrees. In this case, individuals inside that home would be at risk for heat related illnesses. The study showed that the people who suffered the most heat related illnesses were working outdoors in jobs such as construction. Second to that were individuals inside their homes with no air conditioning at all. People who had window air conditioner units were still at risk for heat related illnesses, even though this data may seem surprising. The study showed that 30% of people who had window air conditioner units instead of central air conditioning still suffered from heat related illness. This is because the window air conditoner units do not have the capacity to cool the entire home, just the room in which they are located. People with central air conditioning were the least likely to suffer from heat related illnesses.

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