Air conditioning can be harmful to houseplants

One thing I love about my husband is his love for plants and his green thumb.

We moved in together when we were dating, and I noticed that he immediately filled our home with houseplants.

When we bought a house, he also designed and created our entire garden. I am not the best at keeping houseplants alive. When I lived on my own, they always died. However, my husband has always been great at keeping houseplants alive. I asked him what his secret is and he told me that he always does research on how to take care of plants before he purchases them. Some houseplants need to be positioned so they receive sun near a window, some thrive in shade, some need more water than others. A common factor in many houseplants is that they thrive in heat and humidity. Humans do not thrive in heat and humidity, which is why we have central air conditioning, especially living in the southeastern region of the country. We run our central air conditioning constantly from the end of May to the end of September. You may be wondering how our houseplants thrive so well, if they need a hot and humid environment to be their best. My husband’s secret is that he never places houseplants directly near an air conditioner vent. Because air conditioning removes the humidity in the air, he mists the plants that need the most moisture daily. It is very important that you do not sacrifice your own comfort for your plants. You should not turn off your air conditioner so they thrive, rather do research to see how you can bring moisture to them while keeping yourself comfortable.


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