Ready to not need A/C as much, although I know it will be a few more months

One of the best parts of living in the southeastern region of the country is that the winters are mild. Some of the fall season is also beautiful. The summers are extremely hot and humid and many people who live in this area dread them. I am personally ready for the weather where the air conditioning is not necessary and we are able to open the windows. I love the days where it is clear, crisp, and beautiful air. Where you can be outside without sweating and immediately wanting to run inside to the air conditioning. Summer definitely has its perks, but I am ready to lower the electric bill as well. There are several months where we do not need to run the air conditioning or heat and the electric bill is super affordable. Although I cannot wait for the cooler weather, I know there are months ahead. August is the absolute worst month heat and humidity wise. It makes me question why I live here and I often want to hibernate in my air conditioning. September usually starts off extremely hot and humid, but the end of the month can be beautiful. October and November are beautiful. I am ready for those days. I know the time will go by fast, so for now I will embrace the fact that I am lucky to have central air conditioning. Every region of the country has its pros and cons regarding to weather. Right now I am living in the con of this area, but pretty soon I will be reminded of why I moved here.