Listening to Some Piano Music While I Work

Sunday morning is a morning of reflection and relaxation.

It is now about 3pm and I will stay in the flat for a few more hours as the sun is very intense and the sand is way too hot. I may go for a short bike ride in a few minutes just to get out for a bit but I really won’t go out for any amount of time until about 7pm. The beaches start to calm down a bit by then with the sunbathers and some of my regular friends surface for the evening to hang out. The HVAC company where I work is closed today and won’t reopen until Wednesday as they are doing inventory and painting the inside of the business. I am actually helping with some of the painting as I was a licensed painting contractor many years ago and still like to dabble in painting now and then. I will also help the local contractor with their inventory over the next few days so that we can get the place open again and on a paying basis. We have another two months of summer and then the climate will rapidly shift to cooler temperatures. I like when October comes because I don’t have to run my climate control system and my monthly bills are a lot lower for a couple of months. I think I spend a lot more in the summer keeping the place cool as opposed to the winter days when I just wear more clothing in the house. I can’t wait for cooler days.

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