We made a terrible mistake

It seemed like a really fantastic plan when we thought of it.

Our kids were moved out, so we thought we should think about selling our home as well as then rent until all of us decide where all of us want to spend our retirement years.

I remember that my own parents stayed in the home they raised us in. It became far too much for them as well as I think it played a little part in their last years not being entirely good. I didn’t want that to happen to us! But our home was so great. I enjoyed nearly everything about it. The Heating as well as A/C was perfect as well as it kept us comfortable in all seasons. The place was really nice and plus it felt like home. But, it was immense, and suddenly it was empty. Our lovely home really needed another family in it. So, we decided to put it up for sale. It didn’t take long to get a contract on it. Fortunately, all of us were able to have a couple of weeks to pack up and downsize prior to moving to our new rented condo. Everything was going to go into storage. And while I wasn’t thrilled with the change, there was also a certain element of excitement as well. But that only lasted until it started to get warm. Then, all of us found out why we had enjoyed the Heating as well as A/C so much in our other house! The Heating and A/C system in our new condo was so old and overmatched that it was simply ridiculous. So now, I am miserable inside this condo. Plus, our rental company will do nothing. I’m not about to pay for professional Heating as well as A/C repair or service out of my own pocket, though! I’d say that we will definitely be choosing a new location as soon as the lease for this place is up.


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