I was excited to have a fireplace

We have an immense gas fireplace in our house, but we never use it.

  • I feel that we did not need it after all, but when we first bought this house, we were so excited, and this was definitely the nicest home I have ever been in, and I couldn’t believe that I could afford it.

I got a large raise at work, and I was making a lot of money, so I knew that I could get the mortgage. When we were in the process of buying the house, the owner asked if we wanted the gas fireplace. The gas fireplace was in the bedroom, and it would also act as an immense TV stand! At first, I didn’t think that we needed a gas fireplace. The furnace in the home worked absolutely well, and if we tried to use the gas fireplace, it would be an extra expense. The owner of the home didn’t want to move the gas fireplace since it was so heavy, so they offered us a nice deal on it! My wife liked the gas fireplace, so we decided to get it anyway! Now, we have lived in this home for over 2 years, and we have never turned that gas fireplace on. I feel that we absolutely didn’t need it. We would have been totally fine without the gas fireplace. However, the gas fireplace does look nice in the bedroom, and it adds a ton of personality to the house. In the end, I feel ecstatic that we got the gas fireplace. My wife absolutely loves it, so that is a bonus

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