My wife gave away my space furnace

My wife sold our area heater, and I am furious.

  • I literally just got that area heater, and I absolutely liked it, and now, I don’t have an area furnace again.

I know that it was an accident, but I am still aggravated that I don’t have an area furnace anymore. I can understand how she made the mistake. I was trying to give away our television to a friend, the television didn’t have a working speaker, and I knew that I wanted a larger television. I had a friend that was looking for a smaller television to use for working out, and I told him that he could have it. However, I wasn’t home when he wanted to grab the television, so I told my wife to give it to him. When he got there, she offered him the television. Then, thinking that the area furnace that we put the television on would be too small for the new television, she told him that he could have the area furnace for free. When I got home, I asked her how it went, and she told me that he took the area furnace and the television. He had already left the state to go back home, and I was aggravated. I had just spent over one hundred dollars on that area heater, and now, I would need to buy another area heater. I can’t believe that she got rid of an area furnace that I had just bought; Next time, I can’t let my wife be in charge of selling literally anything. Is she going to accidentally give away my gas furnace next?



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