The zone controlled HVAC solved the problem

When my wife and I were thinking about selling our house, we decided that before we try to sell it, we were going to try to raise its value by adding a bunch of nice things to it.

This way we were hoping we would be able to sell it more.

My wife was the one who came up with the brilliant idea of adding a zone controlled HVAC system to it. She commented that when she was a kid she grew up in a big family and one of the things they often fought over was the temperature. Everyone in her family had different temperature preferences, and while my temperature preferences and her is aligned pretty much perfectly and we never had any problems, she knew that normal people had that same experience and so she was going to do something that would help other people be able to have the temperature that they wanted. Plus, adding a zone controlled HVAC system would raise the value of the house a lot because that is not something that many houses come with. I agreed with her that it was a good idea and so we decided to go and contact the local heating and cooling business and buy one from them. It took us a couple weeks we all want to find a heating AC business I could come out and install it, but once we had it we were very excited about it. We both admitted that we were a little bit envious that we weren’t going to end up using the zone control HVAC system ourselves, but we really didn’t need to. We could add it to the house before we sold it and I hope to make some extra money off of it.

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