When I called for replacement parts, they were quick and friendly

I have always purchased our hardware and tools from a store in town.

The owner of the store is a guy that I have known since I was in high university.

The guy has owned the hardware store for as long as I can remember. I purchased some supplies for our beach house from the hardware store. The item, which was an a/c, had a 5 year warranty on all of the replacement parts. My hubby and I keep all of our records. Both of us kept the record for the a/c. One there was a problem with the machine in the eighth year, our hubby contacted the company and ordered the replacement parts. The person on the iphone was certainly helpful and friendly. She helped us research the part so we could get the right number and order the usual item. She even texted us a picture of the part, just to make sure that it was in fact the same item that we were looking for. I have to be honest. The repair was much better than I anticipated. The replacement parts were shipped out the next day and they arrived to myself and others multiple company mornings later. There was even a note inside of the box thanking myself and others for our support of the company. There was also a 20% off coupon for any other heating or a/c supplies that we needed in the future. If only patron repair was this nice all of the time. My hubby had to call patron repair to talk about our internet features and the guy on the iphone seemed easily clueless about the process. My hubby knew more about the internet than the professional on the iphone.



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