My desk is under the air vent and I get cold

A couple of months ago, I got moved to a different part of the office.

My boss wanted myself and others to be part of a different group that was struggling in the accounting area.

I was happy to transfer until I found out that our desk was situated directly under an a/c air vent. My boss easily cares about when the temperatures are cool and frigid. I suppose he has the temperature control set at 73 degrees. There is a lock on the box, so we cannot certainly see the indoor temperature unless we have the key. I would speculate that the temperature is around 73 degrees, but it certainly might even be colder than that. I get really cold now that our desk is under the air vent. I started wearing a sweater to work everyday. My boss noticed the sweater and he made a comment about our body and our lack of tank tops. Honestly, it was totally inappropriate for our boss to mention our attire at all, but I wasn’t going to hit him with a harassment lawsuit. I told our boss that I was having a lot of trouble staying moderate due to the cold temperatures. He suggested I bring a blanket to put over our legs to keep myself and others warmer. He never once offered to adjust the temperatures so I might certainly be warmer. I guess that would have simply been too much to ask. At least when the Wintertide months begin, I will be directly under the heating vent and easily the warmest person in the whole building.

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