I recommended a ductwork cleaning to help with the complications

A client contacted myself and others last week, plus he wanted to set up an appointment for a free consultation for an air filtration system.

She told myself and others that he had a child that was suffering from flu symptoms.

She definitely felt that the media air cleaner or air filtration method was medically necessary. I had to go to the address to make a determination. I consulted with the homeowner for a few minutes plus after that the people I was with and I started with our work. The first place I started wasn’t the heating or air conditioner. It was absolutely the ductwork. Many indoor apartment air complications start plus end with the ductwork. It should be a closed air system, but the slightest problem can cause an enormous amount of dust, dirt, plus debris to enter the system. I suppose this could have been the problem that the client was experiencing. I had to check on the ductwork to be sure. My suspicions were definitely confirmed after looking at the ductwork. It was around 20 years outdated plus there were several areas where the ductwork needed to be relinked. It’s no wonder the guy was having trouble with the indoor air temperatures. She was only receiving about half of the air that was coming out of the a/c. After suggesting the ductwork cleaning, the guy still wanted more information on an air filtration system. I easily did not guess it was necessary if he had the ductwork clean plus sanitized, but I still offered his an estimate to have the work completed. I will not tell a client no to extra services.


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